AIPAD 2015

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This past Friday fridgeARTS stopped by The AIPAD Photography Show, New York. The show at the Park Avenue Armory opened to the public on April 16 and will run through Sunday, April 19, is in its 35th year. With eighty-nine photography galleries from around the world there are thousands of artworks to see, ranging from 19th century daguerreotypes, to 20th century gelatin silver prints, and 21st century mixed media works and digital prints. If you are looking for something to do this weekend and enjoy photography as much as us, we highly recommend checking out AIPAD 2015. (There were a number of kids there with their parents after school and preschool let out on Friday afternoon.) Below are a few of the many pieces that caught our eye. To find out more about the artists and their work please click on their name and gallery. Gregory Scott, Van Gogh’s Bedroom, 2015, pigment print, oil on panel, and HD video, Catherine Edelman Gallery   Images: All images © the artists and their...

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Vincent Van Dough, Cookie Monster, and the Museum of Modern Cookie

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These days it isn’t uncommon to find celebrities like Beyoncé and Jay Z posing with Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or Katy Perry with Grant Wood’s American Gothic. However, on February 13 in the lead up to the release of his first TV special, another celebrity hungry for culture took a whirlwind museum tour around New York City. He took selfies with iconic artworks and was even gifted with a lifetime membership to MoMA. The Cookie Thief starring Cookie Monster with guest star Rachel Dratch, of Saturday Night Live fame, premiered on February 16 on PBS KIDS. His #CookieArtTour included stops at the Guggenheim Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Museum of Modern Art. This was not Cookie Monster’s first trip to a museum. In 1983 he and his Sesame Street friends accidentally got locked in the Metropolitan Museum of Art after hours when Big Bird wandered off at closing time. That special titled, Don’t Eat the Pictures, isn’t available for purchase from Sesame Workshop but copies can be found online from sites like and Cookie Monster started the #CookieArtTour at the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Guggenheim Museum in New York, which he thought looked like a giant cookie jar. Showing some self-restraint while looking at a Cézanne still life he tweeted, “Me see yummy fruits and veggies in dis Cézanne!!! Me try so hard not to eat. Me no want to make @Guggenheim angry.” Later in the day he stopped by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There Cookie Monster and a sphinx of Hatshepsut had a staring contest and he contemplated if it would be possible to make cookies as big as Emanuel Leutze’s 149 inch by 255 inch painting, Washington Crossing the Delaware. The final stop in the #CookieArtTour was the Museum of Modern Art. After seeing paintings by Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Rousseau he had a brief snack, a cookie, of course. This one was shaped like an artist’s palate and made especially for Cookie Monster by The Modern’s executive pastry chef, Jiho Kim. In his new special The Cookie Thief, Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Chris visit the new museum that has opened on Sesame Street, the Museum of Modern Cookie. All of the artworks are cookie themed by famous cookie artists like Leonardo da Crunchy, Pablo Picookie, Vincent Van Dough, and Edvard Munch. The visit goes well until some of the artwork goes missing. When accused of stealing the art by a museum guard, played by Rachel Dratch, Cookie Monster says, “Me not steal painting, might take a nibble.” Elmo, Chris, and Cookie Monster are thrown out of the Museum of Modern Cookie. Did he steal the art? Was he framed? Will...

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Museum Memories #AskACurator

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Imagine if you could walk up the steps to a museum, through the galleries, past the exhibits and display cases, and into the offices and store rooms and ask the curators anything about the collection, their career, or whatever tickled your fancy. Yesterday the public had that collective opportunity to virtually meet and question hundreds of curators around the world via Twitter. #AskACurator was started in 2010 by Jim Richardson, founder of Sumo Design in England, and since then it has turned into an annual event. The past few years the event has been organized by Mar Dixon, who founded a number of events for museum professionals and teens including MuseoMixUK, MuseumCamp, Teens in Museums, and CultureThemes. This year #AskACurator hit record levels with 721 museums from 43 countries. England and the United States had the most institutions participating with a combined total of 339. The day began in New Zealand and Australia and worked its way around the world faster than Magellan could have ever imagined. Countries as far flung as the Philippines, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Colombia, and Qatar participated in the event. Curators took over museum’s Twitter accounts or responded from their own in shifts throughout the event. Anyone with a Twitter account could query the curators by using the #AskACurator hashtag for general questions to any curator and by including the museum’s Twitter handle for more direct questions. So many people took part that the #AskACurator hashtag was trending in both the United States and England and between 4-5PM GMT (11-12 EDT) there were over 36,500 tweets and the event still had quite a few hours left to go.  Next year #AskACurator day will take place on September 16. fridgeARTS, took part for the first time this year and we asked a lot of questions. Most museums have established museum education departments and programming for kids, but we wanted to know about when the curators were kids themselves. Out of all the questions we tweeted the one that sparked the most response was: What is your earliest museum memory? Thank you to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis for making and tweeting the above graphic of our question.   Below are a few of our favorite replies.   Johanna Mizgala – @lucediversa Climbed into display when I was 5. Instead of anger, curator explained objects & their care. Was hooked 4 life.   Lancashire Museums – @LMuseums Visiting Gray Art Gallery, Hartlepool, aged 6 to see the dinosaur my class had made from cardboard and spray paint   Hammer Museum – @hammer_museum A childhood visit to @MOCAlosangeles from rural east San Diego county and seeing a Doug Wheeler installation. I’m sure I went to a museum before...

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